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Sheldon Animal Rescue seeks to make a significant impact on reducing the number of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats in Beaufort and Jasper Counties.  We intend to accomplish this by implementing the following activities:

1.  Offer low cost/no cost spay and neutering services to the needy families in rural Beaufort and Jasper counties. 

2.  Offer low cost rabies vaccinations.

3.  Rescue abused/abandoned/unwanted animals.

4.  Participate in adoption events to find homes for rescued animals.  Sheldon Animal Rescue commits to finding adoptive families without considering race, creed, ethnicity, or religion.  We only require that there be a commitment to the well being of the pet an that the adopting family is prepared for the work that comes with the care of a lifelong companion.  We also seek to foster cooperation between many rescue groups and individuals in our area and encourage mutual support.

5.  Implement a program that will go into elementary schools and teach children responsible pet care as well as respect and responsible treatment for all animals. 


6.  Develop a food distribution program for pets belonging to seniors and low income families.