Dozer & Sage are now up for adoption!! To see more about their journey to recovery or for further information please contact H.O.P.E. Acres Rescue


Dozer & Sage

On July 28th 2010 an ad was found on craigslist, asking for help with 2 horses.  The family had given their horses away when they moved to a smaller property.  An old friend called them to tell them they needed to get the horses back because they were starving and in bad shape, so, the horses came back to the family only they had no resources to nurse them back to health.  Only a few hours after the ad was found, the horses arrived at Seabrook Farm, where they are being fostered for SAR. 

"Dozer" is a 13yr old mustang gelding.

He is branded by the U.S. BLM. He was rounded up as a very young boy, and has no fear of people.  He is very smart and sweet, and defines an "in your pocket" horse!  He is appropriately named Dozer because if you are near him he will push into you (nicely!) and ask for attention!  He may be a nice riding horse one day!

"Sage" is an 18yr old mustang mare.  She is also branded by the U.S. BLM.  She was rounded up and sold when she was 7 years old.  Considering her time in the wild, then the abuse she suffered at the hands of humans, she is very afraid.  She needs a good routine, a sweet vice, and soft hand.  She has scars down her spine from saddle sores, but I don't think she will ever trust enough to be ridden again.  One day she will make a good pasture mate and friend for another horse. 

Dozer & Sage  7/25/2010

These pictures were taken as soon as they came to the farm!

Dozer & Sage   Week 1

  They just had a bath, and there aren't many changes yet, but they do look a little better!

Dozer & Sage Week 3

Dozer has gained weight nicely, and Sage is getting there little by little!

They LOVE their pears and treats, and learned how to handle fly spray this week!